We created this dual camera effect for Facebook Watch and CryptTV to celebrate the launch of the very first full length season of The Birch. 
On the front camera, the user became the titular character, The Birch. On the back camera the users environment was blended with a creepy 360 degree woodland scene! The user was able to look around and locate The Birch via device rotation. This resulted in a creepy jump scare!! 
We worked on this cross platform Facebook and Instagram effect when there was only a 2MB file size budget! Fitting an interactive 360 scene and a detailed selfie experience in to those limits was quite a challenge! 
The effect included realistic twigs, branches and leaves captured with photogrammetry and retopologized in Zbrush. It also included a sculpted and animated Birch as well as 3D sculpted face deformation, optimised textures and normal maps. The 360 background sphere was captured from Unity and a custom created 3D woodland scene. 
All elements were created from scratch by Marc Wakefield.  
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